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Invisible Bead Extension

The invisible bead extensions- is a type of hand tied hair extensions method, it allows you to wear it up to a top bun, ponytail for your active lifestyle without getting beads showing though. (Hence the “invisible “ ) it gives the flexibility to wear your hair in different ways. The placement of the beads and the way sew into the hair gives even distributions of the weight so it can maintain the health of your hair and scalp.

Hand tied extensions is great way to add volume, length or both, it’s gets you the dream hair your always wanted. 

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**The best way moving forward for invisible beads extension is to apply thought the link below, pricing info includes in the application form. After applying, Please allow me 24-48 hours to review your application to determine if you are good candidate for hair extension. we will then set up in person consultation, be on the look out email from me from kristywanghair@gmail.com or check your junk mail, add me to your contact so you don't miss emails from me. 

*During the in person consultation is when we determine the length and color of your extensions and with deposit provided then we will proceed to make the appointment for the installation.