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Dreaming of that perfect hair ?

You've come to the right place!

Have you ever wonder why you see some celebrity or those inspiration photos, these ladies have it all, the length, the fullness! And you just can't seem to get the dream hair like them?  What is their secret?!?! Drum roll....... it's hair extensions!!!

Extension adds instant volume, shapes length and can even be color to match your existing style perfectly.  

Ready fro an Invisible Bead Extension Experince? 

Let's find out if Invisible Bead Extension is right for you. click the bottom below to fill out a questionnaire & schedule a consultation is the best way to found out if invisible bead extension is right for you. during the consultation I'll able to answer all your questions. Please read this page thoroughly. I'm looking forward to meet you! 


What is 

Invisible Bead Extension ......​

Invisible Bead Extension® is a method. a Method I choose to install you hair extension  by using Hand-tied wefts.

This method helps solve 3 major problems encounter with different types of hand-tied methods available.

Prevents Damage 

to the client's hair and scalp from tension, over-direction and haphazard installs. 

Eliminates Discomfort

with IBE you will be able to wear your hair up from day one with no discomfort! 

Styling Versatility

which means no more exposed beads, bonds, or tape when wearing hair up. you'll never hear  "I love your hair extension" they will think its your natural hair!

What to expected?

A 45-60 mins Consultation 
The most comfortable method on the market, Invisible bead extension created with gorgeous high quality hand-tied hair extension. 
Custom cut and color so your extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair.
Tip and care instructions for caring for your hair, including a complimentary full size styling product for your initial investment 

Cost and Maintanenance 

How much do Extensions cost?

The price for extension varies greatly! It's very customized service it really depends on a variety of factors. I determine my price by the amount of hair that your currently have, the amount of hand-tied wefts and rows needed to complete your look. The desired length and your current length, and lastly by the color service needed to achieve your hair goals. during our in person consultation I'll be able to give you a customize personal quote. 

1 row $700-$1150 (for thickness only, no length)

2 rows $1400-$2300 (for thickness and length)

The total price is determined at the consultation. Pricing is based on where your hair is currently and what is needed to reach your hair goal.

Maintenance for Returning client- 

To maintain the integrity of your look, the extension requires move up every 7-10 weeks, usually 8-9 weeks is a sweet spot for my ladies. The hair itself can last anywhere from 6-12 months. it all depends on you! Over brushing or excess heat can cause wear and tear on your hair, but if you take amazing care of it you can expect it to last quite a long time. Returning client can expect a cost from $200-$900 this varies again on the number of rows you have and your color goals 

What's Next

Please noted there's $25 booking fee for the consultation appointment. This will go towards your total cost on day of your appointment. Booking your consultation will required you to fill out a series of question that will help guide our conversation. We will go over your current look and desired goals. Once we decide our plans, I will send you an estimate costs, sometime the final cost can fluctuate slightly but I'm usually pretty on the mark. 

If you decided to accept the estimate, I will send you a invoice to pay half of the cost at the time of booking and the remainder on the day of your appointment. 


Once your deposit is received, I will book your appointment and proceed to order your hair and prepare your wefts for your upcoming dream hair appointment!

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